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Credit Card's Preauthorizations as a Service 😉

Sell now collect later.
A collateral for everything, based on credit cards.

Tested in the hardest environment in a P2P lending marketplace

A better way to process money

With Preauth you'll be able to extend the features of your payment provider in order to extend the life of your preauthorizations

Sell now collect later

Give to your users the power of the preauthorization while we focus to manage it.

Preauthorizations as a service

Just hold the money today and charge it whenever you need (tomorrow, next week, next month or in six months).

30 days free trial

Build a Startup is hard and expensive, so we give 30 days of free trial just completing the next form.

Work with your favorite payment provider

We work as an interface between you and your favorite payment provider.

Meet our team

Magical, passionate, funny and startupers

Frequently asked questions

The answer is 42

What's a preauthorization?
A preauthorization is a credit card hold that reduce the balance of available funds until the transaction is captured.
How long I can hold a preauthorization?
Depending of your merchant code and other variables, a preauthorization can hold from 1 day until 30 days. BUT, we've created a technology that extend the hold for a long period of time according your needs.
Do you use multiple authorization?
Yes, but with a smart refresh avoiding multiple authorization in the user's balance account.
How can I start working with you?
Just email us to founders@preauth.io